We offer flat rate, custom quotes for each space



Contact us for a free phone or on-site consultation.

During this time we will discuss your problem areas & what your goals are for the space.

We will listen to your specific needs so we can determine-timeline, price & best plan of action.

STEP 2: process



Once we have decided on a plan we will sort & categorize your items. This makes it easier for you to decide what to keep, donate, relocate or toss. No judgment, only helpful encouragement.


We will create a fresh solution for your space. An orderly, efficient system that is clutter-free & easy to maintain. The goal is an organized space that simplifies your life & brings peace of mind.


Containers make an organized space more functional & easier to maintain. We can use what you have or shop for new containers that work perfectly for your space.

Step 3: Organized space


The vision becomes reality!

We will review the new space with you & share simple maintenance tips.

When life gets busy & the area needs maintenance we offer re-fresh sessions. A refresh session is a quick way to get the space back to neat & organized. Contact us for a new project or a re-fresh session!



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